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Webcomic Review: Paradigm Shift

Hello again, dear readers.

Last week's post went up 40 minutes too late, at least here in Europe, but this week's should be technically on time on both sides of the pond.

Today's candidate is a comic that, to any webcomic reader worth his salt, should need no introduction. It is one of the more quietly successful offerings on the web, having been slowly but steadily going for nearly 8 years, and gathering a large and loyal following, though perhaps not the most vociferous one.

Paradigm shift is not one of those comics that have made their way into the consciousness of the non-comic-reading mainstream, nor is its name bandied about in online forums and chatrooms. Nevertheless it is a comic well worth taking notice of, and including in your reading list whether you consider yourself a comic reader or not.
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Webcomic Review: Kid Radd

This week's somewhat belated review is one I posted to the Comic Nation forums over a year ago. Although long since concluded, time has eroded nothing of the brilliance of one of the most beloved and innovative comics of the web. It is not merely a pleasure, but a sacred duty to recommend this comic to you. The one cloud in an otherwise blue sky is that Internet Explorer 7s new fangled handling of animated gifs is incompatible with this comic. I don't like to recommend people to change their browser just to have access to a certain site, but in this case I feel it is fully justified to gently, but firmly, prod you towards some other web browser that doesn't constantly try to mold the net in its own image. However, if you are one of the many happy users who are already using Fire Fox or Chrome or Opera etc., delay no more in reading:

Kid Radd

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Hello, dear reader, and welcome to my little space on the web.

The Annals of Fantasy. A grandiose title for what, even in the best of worlds, probably will be nothing but a few webcomics recommendations, at least for the foreseeable future. But I intend this only as a beginning; the first step in a grand scheme to talk about, review, critic, gather, and link to all manners of storytelling. Hopefully not just comics, but literature, movies, and games shall in time be reviewed here.

But for now, comics. And not even all comics, but webcomics in particular. It is my intention to post a small presentation at least once a week, though I hope you will forgive me if my speed and creativity are not quite up to the task, not to mention the pressures of Real Life (fortunately, I don't have much of one ;-) ).
Some of these recommendations are recycled to the Comic Nation forums. On that forum, populated as it is only by serious comic readers, I always took care to present only the more obscure webcomics, partly because those serious comic readers would be more likely to find something they weren't already reading, and partly because they would be more likely to be interested in obscure comics.
With the decision to start my own blog, however, I have decided to address a wider audience, trying to attract readers who may even not be reading comics at all. Therefore this blog will sometimes include some of the more well known works on the web, although the focus will still be the less known ones.
But ambitious and enduring, or modest and obscure, every endeavour must start with its first step, the stronger the better; and for this momentous inaugural post - the first of many, I hope you will hope - I have opted not for an old effort recycled from the dustbin of the past, but an all new review, of one of my new and absolute favourites. So allow me without further ado to direct your attention to:  


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